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25 best bible verses for bible verses about grace the scriptures are full of verses about gods grace and even though it is not something we deserve god is kind to us and wants the best for our livesdiscover gods riches for our lives through the grace he has given us as a free gift use our bible verses by topic page which lists popular verses from the old and new testament, bible verses about friendship scripture offers much guidance when it comes to choosing friends god knows our desire to be known and to be loved he made us for companionship read bible passages about friendship and how if chosen right our friends can be the greatest source of love healing joy and encouragement, i personally really benefit from soaking up a good scripture or helpful quote so i am always looking for inspirational bible verses or quotes to help me stay motivated so many of the verses below may be familiar to you but i encourage you to read over them and soak them up, our list of 25 famous bible verses consists of the top and most popular verses on love strength hope life and more all in a beautiful format enjoy

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bible verses about materialism i would like to start off by saying everyone has material things when the need for possessions becomes obsessive it is not only sinful it is dangerous, instead of giving something up for lent do something positive this season and vow to read one of these bible verses on each of the 40 days leading up to easter these special passages about the

bible verses about the holy spirit from scripture we learn that the holy spirit is god there is only one god and he is the third divine person of the trinity he grieves he knows he is eternal he encourages he gives understanding he gives peace he comforts he directs and he can be prayed to, t he new year has arrived and along with it we all have new goals high aspirations and fresh hopes for the coming 52 weeks this past year has been an exciting one for us while at the same time being trying and difficult at times while we cant know what is coming in the new year we can find hope in gods word and maintain a positive outlook that things will be better than ever in this , there are 214 uses of the word joy in the bible with nearly a quarter of those joy scriptures found in the psalms read our top 25 bible verses about joy if you are need of a boost of positivity these bible verses about happiness and joy will brighten your day, these comforting bible verses contain some of the most inspiring words in scripture proving that we worship a personal god who cares deeply about us