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acnl furniture sets a furniture series is a large set of functional items all series have 10 items with matching wallpaper and flooring here is a list of furniture series found in animal crossing wild world city folk and new leaf, furniture series sets and themes this page lists all of the furniture series sets and themes that you can collect in animal crossing new leaf if you collect a series set or theme and put all pieces of it into a room of your house you can get bonus points from the happy home academy , furniture furniture wallpaper flooring music museum bugs fish fossils set mario 2017 cake obtained from dlc interior theme unknown , furniture sets are groups of items generally small that do not have the ten coordinated items necessary to be considered a full series they may have a corresponding wall and floor however they are similar to furniture themes which always wallpaper and flooring

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animal crossing new leaf contains many different furniture series each piece of furniture is placeable inside of a house these furniture items are available from the nooklings store retail the lost and found villagers events and even inside trees the happy home academy will rate the, here you can find a database of all the furniture customizations possible in animal crossing new leaf as far as i know there is at least one clothing customization for each piece that has a

a set is a small collection of related furniture items they do not usually have a matching wall or floor many sets appear in the series and most are obtained from tom nooks store, the following table is a list of all furniture available in animal crossing new leaf list of all animal crossing new leaf furniture, sets furniture series alpine astro balloon blue cabana cabin card classic egg exotic fish golden gorgeous gracie green harvest ice insect jingle kiddie lovely mermaid minimalist modern modern wood mush pavé , this category includes furniture series or furniture sets that has appeared in the animal crossing series pages in category furniture series the following 39 pages are in this category out of 39 total