Bathtub Drain In Concrete Floor

bathtub drain in concrete floor step 7 thread in a new tub spout pipe through the tub spout hole and into the elbow within the wall tighten with a pair of pliers if you have copper pipe it will already be protruding from the tub spout hole you dont need to do anything in that case, bathtub drain installation in concrete floorcontents1 bathtub drain installation in concrete floor2 i am installing a tub on a concrete slab in justanswer3 how to install a tub in concrete slab 4 basement bathroom concrete floor drain plumbing plumbing diy5 hometime how to basements lower level plumbing6 floor drains for , re plumbing drain for bathtub on concrete slab similar thread does anyone have roughin measurements handy for a standard 30 or 32 inch tublike a lasko or similarid like to cement the trap to the waste pipe and be able to drop the tub exactly into place thereby only having to tighten the nut at the cleanoutdrain spud to the waste pipe by reaching around the wall, you have a couple of options when using the existing bathtub drain for a new shower on a concrete slab option 1 custom shower pan one way to go about it would be to have a cultured marble shower pan custom made to fit the location of the existing tub drain

How To Remove A Bathtub

i am running into the same issue my contractor says he has to move the drain in the concrete does any one know how much space is left underneath the tub to use a flex hose to drain i am looking to get a center drain tub 60x34, the process of installing a drain from a tub to shower conversion transition from 1 12 to a 2 drain is shown in a worse scenario than youll probably encounter because i had to bust up some

the drain system must slope from the shower or other plumbing fixture down to the homes septic tank or sewer system local building codes determine the rate of slope but often the drain runs with a slope of 14 inch per foot sometimes moving a shower drain requires removing a concrete floor, my plumber has put dry redimix into the holes in the slab that are at the tub drains i have read that the reason wet concrete is not put into the hole is in case repairs are needed but putting dry redi mix there seems silly since it might get wet and become hard, thank you all for your attention to this i really appreciate the advice cglima the problem with replacing the entire drain pipe all the way to the trap is that i cant seem to access the trapi tried digging down further the foundation concrete pretty much closes off at the bottom i dont seem to have access further down without busting up concrete at the bottom, bathtub drain in slab the floor is plumbed with 2 pvc but the drain is approximately six inches from the desired location i chopped out some of the concrete slab so as to install an elbow and relocate the drain however i am not sure how i should attach the tub drain the set i purchased is 2 abs should i merely glue the entire assembly