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bathtub fix

How To Fix A Leaking Bathtub Drain Hunker

if your tub is in good shape still has its gloss but suffered a blow which caused a chipped area in your bathtub then your bathtub maybe a good candidate for bathtub chip repair, porcelain enamel is an attractive durable bathtub surface but it can chip you can repair a chipped porcelain tub yourself with a few easily accessible materials, first well discuss fiberglass tub crack repair fiberglass shower pan crack repair its important to understand the why it happened and what to do about it now repairs to cracked fiberglass bathtub shower pan bottoms are worthless unless the underlying cause is addressed

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bathtub repair is it cheaper to replace my tub small chips scratches and scuffs can often quickly be repaired making bathtub repair much more economical than replacement of the entire tub repairs typically range between 195300 compared to bathtub replacement costs that can exceed 3000, bathtub repair by happy tubs we specialize in all kinds of bathtub repairs including chip repair rust repair hole repair and crack repairs most bathtub chip repairs are completed in under 2 hours and for only 199 you will even be able to use your tub the very next day, a good budget tub repair kit still needs to be easy to use and reliable many budget options use substandard ingredients or lack a clear application process when not done right a bad kit can lead to more damage and more repair time required to fix the tub