Bedroom Wall Colour As Per Vastu

bedroom wall colour as per vastu

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purples and mauves are a symbol of courage and chivalry painting the walls with violet as per the feng shui bedroom exhibits a feeling of royalty and wealth it also depicts how spiritual a person is as for the basic meaning of purple in feng shui is richness and deepness, shiva om dear friends the colour for the bedroom will primarily depend on the direction the bedroom is located in as as per vastu shastra every direction is governed by a parrticular planet and also cerrtain gods or devils or tatwas and in acco, there are many colours for kitchen according to vastuorange white green yellow pink chocolate however vastu recommends to surely having a touch of red in the kitchen even if it is just in a utensil or a small patch on the wall black and grey are a big no for kitchen, wall colors according to vastu for bedrooms pastel shades of blue and green off white light rose gray vastu colors for home suggests avoiding usage of bright or dark colors in the bedrooms direction for your head while sleeping if your head is towards south then you will always sleep soundly this direction improves health