Best Buildings In The World Worthnotworth

best buildings in the world worthnotworth

15 Most Beautiful Office Buildings On Earth Business

building and construction is known since millions of years many features and styles appear in the building architects have shown their skills and top 10 best pencil artists in the world 136568 top 10 most polluted countries in the world 134957 top 10 watch brands for women in the world, 4 the basket building ohio united states this may look like a picnic basket kept in the park but this actually is a 7story building which is longabergers home office located in newark ohio this monument is infact worlds largest basket its 192 ft long by 126 ft wide at the bottom spreads to 208ft long by 142ft wide at the roofline 5

it is the primary building of the new world trade center complex in lower manhattan it is currently the tallest building in new york city surpassing the height of the empire state building 5 the shard london england 39 billion, hagia sophia istanbul the building was originally constructed between 532ad and 537ad and due to many factors including being burned down in riots and earthquakes the ancient cathedral has been rebuilt many times since despite this hagia sophia is widely recognised as one of the great buildings of the world