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best way to clean shower drain image titled unclog a how to unclog a shower drain naturally step 4 pour 12 cup of baking soda down the drain follow it up with 12 cup of white vinegar and cover the drain with a wet washcloth let it bubble for ten minutes remove the washcloth and rinse the drain with boilinghot water step 5 replace the drain cover take a long steamy showeryouve earned it, how to unclog a sink drain clogged sink drain clogged sink drains image titled unclog a kitchen sink step 2 pics of best way to clean clogged kitchen drain, this homemade cleaning solution will save the day pour the solution down the drain immediately the fizzing will help to remove any grime or waste thats built up in the pipe let it sit for at least one hour or overnight if possible once the solution has been in the pipe for at least an hour flush it with hot water, 7 ways to unclog a bathtub networx shower drain backing up unclog bathtub with vinegar and baking inspirational clogged bathtub drain awesome clean how remove moen tub stopper and unclog drain you clogged bathtub drain stiprut info clean tub drain luxury unclog bathtub flacsoparaguay org clear a clogged drain with science 5 steps pictures 3 ways to unclog a drain with salt and vinegar wikihow unclog a sink tub or shower

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to unclog a shower drain start by using a screwdriver to remove the drain stopper then grab a flashlight and look down the drain to see if you can identify what is causing the clog if it is hair or something you can see use your hands or a pair of pliers to pull it out of the drain, still have doubts the next time you have a slow or clogged drain try reaching for hot water first you may find out that it does a great job cutting through fog clogs and you can save yourself some money on baking soda and vinegar the enzyme solution have a difficult fog clog that hot water doesnt solve or a drain clogged by hair

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