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black modern gothic style living room ornate gothic the term international style was coined in 1932 during the first international exhibition of modern architecture at the museum of modern art in new york citythe term covers the main stream of architecture from the mid 1920s to the end of the 1950s the booklet describing the exhibition outlines the style as first a new conception of architecture as volume rather than mass, art deco sometimes referred to as deco is a style of visual arts architecture and design that first appeared in france just before world war i art deco influenced the design of buildings furniture jewelry fashion cars movie theatres trains ocean liners and everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners it took its name short for arts décoratifs from the exposition , kitchen cabinet styles todays kitchens come in a wide variety of styles most kitchen cabinet styles can be classified as either modern or traditional with many subcategories to choose from, friday december 14 antiquities of europe asia featuring a large silent auction with northwest art and asian antiques chinese silver impressive hung chong chinese decorated silver 3pc tea service pair of impressive chinese enameled silver baskets with flowers mongolian silver 3pc teapot stem cups decorated with inset jade coral etc collection of carved jades antique chinese

10 Phenomenal Gothic Interior Designs

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origins not every monarch is honoured by an architectural stylein the case of georgian architecture the style was so obviously different than any of its predecessors and lasted for such a long time almost 100 years that not to name it after the kings would have been simply churlish, luxury victory park apartments in dallas victory place all things refined these lavish victory park apartments offer upscale amenities and elegant living that easily seize your busy lifestyle, venice italian venezia city major seaport and capital of both the provincia province of venezia and the regione region of veneto northern italyan island city it was once the centre of a maritime republic it was the greatest seaport in late medieval europe and the continents commercial and cultural link with asiavenice is unique environmentally architecturally and historically , enjoy nonstop color all season long with these container gardening ideas and plant suggestions youll find beautiful pots to adorn porches and patios for a latesummer container that steals the show make bold foliage the focal point this easycare endofseason planter uses vibrant rustic