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black moon lilith temples of black moon lilith lilith spirit of the air the dark moon the wisdom of the womb the first of the recorded stories of the myths of lilith date back to the times of sumeria around 4000 bc, so black moon lilith is a lady of the night whatever way you look at her so of course as the forbidden seductress lilith is also connected with prostitutes black moon lilith is famously about sex but not in same way as mars and venus

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black moon lilith symbolizes inhibition of some form without necessarily having to do with sex in capricorn it leads to solitude and introversion and deepens the inner life even more as for sexuality we find it diminished to the point of sublimating it or literally rejecting it, calculate your black moon lilith on this page this calculator is for the black moon lilith which is also known as the lunar apogee this black moon lilith is not a physical body but rather a mathematical point it doesnt do much until someone contacts it


whats my black moon lilith sign look up your black moon lilith by sign if you are unsure of the sign of black moon lilith in your chart you can determine it by entering your data below in this black moon lilith calculator, before exploring the attributes of lilith in the 12th house we should mention that the article is about black moon lilith thus we should distinguish this mathematical point of alignment from the asteroid lilith and also from dark moon lilith which is calculated in a different way