Can I Repaint My Bathtub

can i repaint my bathtub bathroom makeover day 11 how to paint a bathtub i found your posts on facebook today and am very impressed with your talent is painting the tub and surround holding up well after the past two years i want to update my home to sell if possible or if not enjoy it more myself please let know before i invest time and resources, my personal experience in painting a bathtub with epoxy paint when my wife and i bought our latest home it came with hideous avocado green fixtures throughout the house while i changed out the kitchen sink and toilets i did not want the expense or work of replacing a bathtub and instead decided to try painting it

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how to paint plastic tubs showers by tara clean the shower or tub as best you can with a bathroom cleaner and sponge scrub the surface to remove any soap residue mildew and other buildup step 2 rinse out the tub to remove the cleaner let the tub completely dry you can towel dry it to speed the process but even then you wont , 6 paint the tub in two thin coats leaving adequate time between them for the paint to dry if you know how to paint other surfaces like tile or drywall you have some idea of how to paint a bathtub

how to paint the bathtub if your castiron tub is looking a little rundown save some money and give it a new coat of paint rather than replacing it after filling in any gaps or cracks sanding down the interior and exterior and giving, before painting your porcelain bathtub you need to clean the tub with alcohol to remove any cakedon debris and soap film follow up the alcohol cleaning by washing the tub with soap and water then dry the tub if large chips are present on the tubs surface clean the chip with alcohol dry the area then apply an epoxy resin to the chip