Cast Iron Bathtub Scrap Price

cast iron bathtub scrap price

Freestanding Clawfoot Cast Iron Shower Tray For Sale

re recycle cast iron tub last time i took a tub i think i got about 20 for it or somwhere around there if you can leave it in front of a house in a bad neighborhood and no one takes it then you know it doesnt have a high scrap value, scrap goes for the 9 to 10 cents a pound if it is real cast iron it should sell for 3 times that my buddy just scrapped a cast iron tub and got 100 bucks


there is extreme variance in the possible price for a cast iron tub the median price is around 1500 for the tub alone a number of factors influence the total price when all values are taken into account the most important among these are size style and manufacturer, aqua eden slipper 5 ft cast iron clawfoot bathtub in white with faucet combo in oil rubbed bronze , in the uk the current prices for scrap iron are 70 per ton for cast iron 85 per ton for plate and girders 45 per ton for light iron there are 2240 pounds in a imperial ton thats roughly , ferrous metals price per nt 2000 lbs per 100 lbs cast iron stove tubs sinks 12000 600 machine cast 12000 600 auto cast rotors drums 13600 680 dirty blocks car motorsmotor cast 13600 680 clean tin steel shavings hot air furnaces tin cans galvanized pipe 10000 500 tinappliance tin