Cast Iron Bathtub Scrap Price

cast iron bathtub scrap price i have a cast iron bathtub in the basement just waiting to get other stuff down there cleared out like old clothes and all my sports cards dont want to turn on the grinder and cut the pipes and have sparks catch something on fire, hi ryan im trying to scrap metal and aluminum as part time and i was able to get metal hangers from a hospital to recycle them at the scrap yard i get at least 200 hangers a week if not more but the guy at the scrap yard said that i needed to have at least 50 boxes or 100 pounds of hangers and they must be cut in sticks and put in the boxes not just give them as hangers in order for , rachael evans april 13 2015 hi terry airstone makes corner blocks for this reason but what you could do is just overshoot on the long side about 12 like the depth of a brick and then when you tile the short side the ends will meet, public auction the following personal property will be offered at public auction at the site located at 314 n main st kewanee il formerly jts just south of railroad tracks on rt 78

New Cast Iron Double Slipper Claw Foot Tub For Sale

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