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chair designs by gerrit thomas rietveld designer design inspired by gerrit thomas rietveld using a pleasing interplay of horizontal and vertical lines and bold primary colours the red and blue chair by gerrit thomas rietveld firmly demonstrates the fact that style does not have to mean compromising on comfort , gerrit thomas rietveld biography artworks and interior design projects find out more on cassinas website collection news sofas reinventing chairs and other furniture as if no one had ever built them before him and following a structural code all of his own the second is that of the architect working with elegant formulas determined , my fascination with chairs and furniture continues as we explore the zig zag chair designed by famous dutch furniture designer and architect gerrit thomas rietveld gerrit is well known for being one of the principle members of the de stijl movement breaking his design down to basic cubist , gerrit thomas rietveld dutch designer and painter gerrit thomas rietveld gained a reputation for creating chairs and other furniture without any reference to proceeding styles or structures as if he was inventing them for the first time the craftsman cabinetmaker was also an influential architect moulding together unique structures within elegant forms

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chair design is a key issue to any designer no other object is so intricately linked to people and their measurements designed rietveld gerrit thomas 1927 history notes gerrit rietveld 18881964 was an important dutch architect and designer who was a founding member part of the de stijl design movement 19191931 of , the red and blue chair is a chair designed in 1917 by gerrit rietveldit represents one of the first explorations by the de stijl art movement in three dimensions

gerrit thomas rietveld more furniture and collectibles gerrit thomas rietveld folk art dutch design gerrit rietveld crate chair numbered get weekly alerts when there are new arrivals for gerrit thomas rietveld furniture follow more ways to browse gym horses oxford chairs, gerrit rietveld architect designer 18881964 gerrit thomas rietveld dutch architect and furniture designer born in utrecht june 24 1888one of the main members of the art movement de stijl rietveld is famous for its red and blue chair and the rietveld schröder house unesco world heritage site, the 280 zig zag chair was designed by gerrit thomas rietveld find out more on cassinas website 280 zig zag 280 zig zag designer gerrit thomas rietveld about the product designed by rietveld in 1934 this chair sees the normal legsseatback sequence replaced by a single sheet of wood in an overturned z shape, gerrit thomas rietveld dutch pronunciation ˈɣɛrɪt ˈtoːmɑs ˈritfɛlt 24 june 1888 25 june 1964 was a dutch furniture designer and architectone of the principal members of the dutch artistic movement called de stijl rietveld is famous for his red and blue chair and for the rietveld schröder house which is a unesco world heritage site