Christmas Decorating Hacks

christmas decorating hacks 38 clever christmas hacks that will make your life easier 2013 1730 gmt peggy wang buzzfeed staff share on facebook command hooks and popsicle sticks make easy decorations that you can , christmas decorating hacks christmas is the season where people spend lots of time and money decorating their homes why because we all love the holidays if you are looking for some super smart inexpensive and easy ways to decorate your home this year then you will love these 8 christmas decorating hacks, i hope that these christmas hacks will give you some great ideas for your holidays making life easier and less stressful so you can enjoy it more is always on the top of my list i love christmas and i love finding ways to spend more time with family and finding ways to enjoy our time i want our children to remember that i enjoyed decorating cookies with them wrapping gifts for them and , this christmas decorating hack does double duty create a beautiful advent calendar that also gives back simply print our acts of kindness instructions and fill mini envelopes with a good deed for each day hang on your wall and encourage the spirit of the season

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christmas hacks that will help you decorate your home in style save money by bill galluccio one easy way to spice up your christmas decorations is to grab some silver and gold spray paint to make those boring green or white cords sparkle kcup christmas ornaments, the christmas tree is just the start this holiday season make your entire home from the front porch to the kitchen look and feel as festive as possible with these jolly decorating ideas

12 genius hacks that will make christmas so much less stressful make the holidays easier with these smart storage and decorating tricks, the best christmas decoration hacks for the holiday season by kristi leave a comment disclosure this post may contain affiliate links using an affiliate link means i might earn a commission from any purchases through that affiliate link, christmas tree decorating tips hacks 1 fluffing the christmas tree this post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you for further information please see our disclosure policy pulling the artificial tree out of the box you will have a completely flattened out tree, christmas decor storage hacks leave a comment on christmas decor storage hacks share the storage space was dark and dank it was a perfect place to hide the evidence of the hastily executed plan broken boxes filled with shards of glass mangled trees and a lifeless body bound up and intertwined with balls of electrical wiring