Commercial Kitchen Set Up

commercial kitchen set up

Reader Asks How Do I Set Up My Restaurant Kitchen

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where to start when designing a commercial kitchen step 1 involve your chef its absolutely imperative that your chef is involved in step 2 know your menu you cant have a kitchen without a menu step 3 think about what you dont need kitchens can get cluttered fast step 4 research , a commercial kitchen needs industrialgrade equipment that will withstand a busy restaurant schedule the design and layout of a restaurant kitchen should allow food to flow seamlessly from the prep area to the line sometimes a new restaurant has a fabulous location but a small kitchen space and you have to adapt your plans accordingly, the small commercial kitchen can range from 200 square feet to 1000 sq ft the average size commercial kitchen is 1051 sq ft as reported by after polling over 700 business owners the standard formula for determining kitchen size is calculating 5 sq ft per dining seat