Convert Shower To Bathtub

convert shower to bathtub convert shower to tub a shower to bath conversion from bath planet eliminates the hassle and high price tag of other bathroom remodels our bathtubs are created using extremely durable acrylic making them as longlasting as they are tasteful and stylish, convert shower to bath once your beautiful new bathtub is installed maintenance and cleaning are easy and stressfree because the acrylic material is nonporous using water a rag or sponge and some simple 409 cleaner will usually do the trick, theres nothing like relaxing in a warm bubbly bath to let your cares fade away but having time to take a bath can be a luxury in and of itself thats why having a shower just makes sense and why new construction often includes a shower in every full bath if you live in an older house that

Lost Cost Bathtub To Shower Conversions In St Charles IL

the big trend seems to be building a shower where a tub is with this customer they wanted the oppositetaking out the shower building a tub lol in addition they picked a penny tile to , when you convert a tub into a shower you have to rethink your plumbing by default because youll need to convert from a 1 ½ pipes to a wider 2 line for the increased water flow of a shower while youre doing this its an opportunity to add style to your plumbing

if you want to convert your tub into a shower know that its a financial commitment here are some tips to ensure youre not dumping your money instead of your tub 1 dont eliminate your only tub even if you only use your tub to wash the miniblinds most real estate agents are adamant about , converting your tub to a shower is a practical and stylish upgrade to any bathroom this conversion will help to make your bathroom look and feel bigger while increasing the function and usability of your shower this is especially important for homeowners who are older or have limited mobility, the standard size for a tub is 60 length x 30 width x 14 height if the current shower area is not big enough for the standard size the next decision would be whether a full demolition would be appropriate and change the walls surrounding the area to accommodate the correct size or if you would like to do a smaller than standard size tub