How Do You Strip Wood Furniture

how do you strip wood furniture to remove those last bits of finish palm sand with medium sandpaper 150 grit until you see the bare wood then switch to fine sandpaper 200 grit until the entire piece is uniform wipe down the whole surface with a tack cloth to remove any dust from sanding, a diy furniture how to video showing the step by step process of wood finish and paint removal from a chest of drawers see part one here httpsyoutube , if you want to restore a piece of furniture back to its original wood stain or to go natural on the furniture and its painted youll definitely need to strip away the paint with a chemical stripper

How To Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets How Tos DIY

when refinishing furniture you must do the most unpleasant part of the job first removing the old finish can be a cumbersome and messy task for a while early in the process until you start getting down to the wood underneath the mess you may feel that you have completely ruined the piece have patience, knowing how to remove wax buildup from furniture is an essential part of preparing a piece for painting its also an excellent way to keep your naturallook wood furnishings in gorgeous condition, test mineral spirits on a hidden area first to ensure that it doesnt strip the finish from the wood if it does strip the finish you may need to apply a fresh finish after removing the polish

hiring a pro to repair strip and finish this table would cost about 450 while you can do the work over a couple of weekends for around 60 fix it first when restoring furniture it helps to break things down to smaller more manageable steps, how to strip wood furniture removing an old finish is a messy job that is best done outdoors to make a work area start by covering an area of the driveway garagecarport or yard with cardboard to catch and collect the drippings that always seem to occur no matter how carefully you work, in this article strip wood finishes with sandpaper strip wood finishes with chemical stripper community qa references you shouldnt throw away a piece of furniture or a nice piece of wood just because it has layers of old paint or old wornout varnish on it