How Many Yards Of Fabric For 6 Dining Room Chairs

how many yards of fabric for 6 dining room chairs most dining room chairs can be covered using a piece of fabric 27 x 27 inches therefore plan to use a piece of fabric 27 inches long by 54 inches wide or about threequarters of a yard for two chair seats which does not allow for pattern placement matching but is a general rule, calculating yardage for dining room chair seats threequarters yards will give you two pieces that are 27 x 27 if you have four chairs you will need 15 yards six chairs takes 225 yards eight chair seats take 3 yards and so on if your chair seats have cording allow 78 yard for two chairs if you chair seats are boxed and corded allow 125 yards for two chairs, for the average dining room chair 16 x 18 you can get two seats out of ¾ of a yard of 54 wide fabric measuring its best to remove the seat from the chair to get the most accurate measurements, calculate how many strips of fabric needed for the gusset most upholstery fabric is 54 inches wide including the selvage or edging subtract 1 inch for each side to allow for cutting off the selvage you now have 52inchwide fabric divide the 52 inches into your perimeter measurement for the gusset

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a dining room chair 3 yards of either 45inchwide or 60inchwide fabric an ottoman 2 yards of either 45 or 60inchwide fabric if youve initially planned to use a 60inchwide fabric but can find only a 45inchwide fabric that really pleases you just add between 4 and 6 extra yards of fabric, tip when selecting the new fabric choose one that coordinates with the decor of your dining room gather materials materials needed to recover dining room table are base of chair to be recovered fabric of choice scissors heavy duty stapler with staples measuring tape and flat head screw driver

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three yards of fabric will be enough for eight chair seats if the repeat is large or a pattern has to be centered you may need more chairs a wing chair will require 57 yards a traditional chair with upholstered seat and back 3 yards and a club chair 56 yards, however it can be a challenge to figure out how much fabric you need based on the type and shape of your item these charts show you how much fabric youll need for common chairs sofas and stools, dining chairs that only have fabric on the cushion and seat back may require just 2 to 3 yards of fabric while those that are completely covered can use 5 or 6 yards if you dont buy enough fabric the entire endeavor might be a waste, 15 yards will do 4 dining room chairs or a square table topper 225 yards will do 6 dining room chairs 3 yards will do a table cloth and is also the amount for an ottoman 7 yards will do most chairs with a loose cushion on the seat think a classic wingback 1012 yards will do a loveseat 1216 yards will do an entire sofa