How Much Are Clawfoot Bathtubs Worth

how much are clawfoot bathtubs worth the 5foot roll rim tub is the most common claw foot tub tubs that are smaller or larger will net more especially if they have special elements such as ornate feet to compare the 5foot roll rim tub could net 50 whereas a french doubleended tub the same size could net 2000, single slipper claw tubs 4 reasons clawfoot tubs are worth keeping a1 reglazing it is worth to refinish an old tub or sink acrylic satin nickel clawfoot feet slipper tub in how much is a cast iron clawfoot tub worth used ball and that s definitely something you can go for if like extra foot bling though it look really cool too, a 5 roll rim tub may sell for 50 while a 5 french doubleended clawfoot tub may sell for 2000 a few of the manufacturers of antique tubs were american standard aka standard crane mott and kohler

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how much is a cast iron bath tub worth he was taking an early morning bath in an old claw foot tub that was set up on a wood pile behind the camp tents he cracked off a big one which was , the absence of a stamp on a castiron clawfoot tub could mean its a mid20th century generic model but it could also mean the tub was produced before stamping became commonplace an unstamped tub that lacks faucet drillings could have been custommade for a welltodo household in the mid 1800s or earlier

post taged with how much is a cast iron clawfoot tub worth image led remove a cast iron tub step 4 how to choose the right bathtub fibergl or cast iron bathtubs image of how much is a cast iron clawfoot tub worth cast iron clawfoot bathtubs antique clawfoot bathtub, they were made in various sizes the most common being 30 inches wide and five feet long with a rolled brim clawfoot tubs that are smaller or larger than that are worth more as are those with more unique shapes like slipper tubs which have a raised back and are generally smaller or soaker tubs which have no legs and sit flush with the floor, the one thing i wish i knew before buying an antique clawfoot tub if the tubs porcelain interior has been compromised youre looking at a professionallevel fix which depending on how much you paid for the tub could still cost you less than a brand new one with professional refinishing costing around 400 800 according to houzz