How To Build A Carport

how to build a carport how to build a carport get the necessary building permits check with your local city planning office to make sure your purchase the necessary building materials measure the ground to accommodate an averagesized car measure a rectangle at least 16 feet level the ground if necessary , how to build a double carport first of all you need to dig 23 deep holes at least 6 under the frost line and pour a 2 layer of gravel install tube forms and fit the posts into place making sure they are perfectly plumb secure the posts with braces before filling the forms with concrete, step 1 plan before you can begin to construct your carport you need to check to make sure that you arent breaking any local building codes also make sure that the spot you plan to put the carport doesnt interfere with any gas or water lines or sewer pipes mark out the area using string and stakes, how to build a wooden carport build the bottom rafters from 26 lumber while the regular rafters should be built from 24 lumber align everything before locking the components together with 5 12 galvanized screws drill pilot holes through the bottom rafters and insert 5 12 screws into the supports beams on both sides of the rv carport

Build Your Own Carport With Steel Trusses YouTube

for the building of the carport the typical costs will include according to author of repairhome the average cost of building a carport begins at roughly 2600 and for a twocar version the average costs will climb much higher this sort of structure will average at 6000, here are stylish carport plans 1 single carport with storage these are very detailed plans to help you build a single carport with a storage section not only will this protect your car but it will also give you an additional place to store anything you might need

how to build a carport if you live in an area affected by hurricanes it would be better to set the posts in concrete use a post hole digger to make 15 holes in diameter and 3 deep pour a 2 layer of concrete on the bottom of the holes so you level them fit the tube forms and then the 44 posts, make sure you have the same amount of overhang on each end prior to fastening to the rafters with selftapping screws the screws have neoprene washers to prevent water intrusion the final step is the installation of the trim for a regular style carport the trim is a fascia type applied to the ends only, learn how to build a carport in just a weekend it is essential to build a sturdy structure and to plan everything form the very beginning if you want to get a professional result, if youve ever wondered how a professional company builds a metal building you need to watch this i hired a crew to build an all metal carport and i documented every stage in this video ill