How To Build A Shed For Firewood

how to build a shed for firewood

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by building a shed with slatted sides without being completely enclosed it allows the warm summer sun and winds to reach the wood allowing it to season faster and reduce the chance of mold finally the shed should have a roof to prevent rain and snow from contacting the firewood, how to build a a firewood shed next attach roofing felt as in the image make sure you cover the whole surface including the trims and fascias afterwards install the shingles from the bottom left corner make sure the shingles overhang the edge of the roof by at least 12 in order to drain water properly, 23 diy firewood shed you can build your own wood shed with two shelves for your firewood youre going to place most of the firewood on the bottom shelf with only enough space on the top shelf for a small amount of wood this way you can store your firewood without putting too much weight on the top shelf