How To Check Your Tires

how to check your tires checking your tires for wear you should check your tires for wear at least once a month and before and after long trips to determine whether you need to a buy new tires b have your wheels balanced c have your wheels aligned or d change your driving habits simply read your tire treads for clues table 1 and figure 1 show you what to look for, related book you should check your tires for wear at least once a month and before and after long trips you check them to determine whether you need to buy new tires have your wheels balanced have your wheels aligned or change your driving habits, how to check tire tread with a penny select a shiny penny it will be easier to read when you perform the test hold the penny between your thumb and your forefinger choose a point in your tire tread that appears to be low look at the penny if any part of lincolns head is obscured by the tire , check your tire tread depth today reach into your pocket and pull out your spare change give the penny test a try it only takes a few minutes and find out if its the right time to replace your tires if youre short on change just find your nearest firestone complete auto care

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how to tell if you need new tires with this easy test a penny can buy you peace of mind when it comes to your tires and safety place a penny head first into several tread grooves across the tire if you always see the top of lincolns head your treads are shallow and worn if this is the case your tires need to be replaced, common sense since water cant be compressed you need enough tread depth to allow rain to escape through the tires grooves if the water cant escape fast enough your vehicles tires will be forced to hydroplane float on top of the water losing traction

how to check your tires to determine your tires age just look at the dot stamping on the sidewall at the end of the dot stamping there will be a 4digit number this is the date code the first two numbers are the week and the last two are the year for example 4617 would tell you that the tire was manufactured the 46 th week of 2017, for more car videos go to this video explains the proper procedures of checking your tires, tire pressure is the amount of air inside a tire each tire requires a certain amount of air to function properly when your tires have the correct amount air your car gets better mileage your tires will last longer and your car will have better handling, heres how it works place a penny between the tread ribs on your tire a rib refers to the raised portion turn the penny so that lincolns head points down into the tread see if the top of his head disappears between the ribs