How To Check Your Tires

how to check your tires checking your tires for wear if your tires dont show these indicators and you think that they may be worn below legal tolerances place a lincoln penny headdown in the groove between the treads if you can see the top of lincolns head your tire probably needs to be replaced to measure tread wear more exactly, dont forget to check your spare tire as well tread depth is critical to tire safety but you can help keep your tires on the road longer if you treat them with care be sure to keep your tires inflated properly and rotate them according to manufacturers recommendations usually about every 5000 miles so that the tread wears evenly, you should check your tires for wear at least once a month and before and after long trips you check them to determine whether you need to buy new tires have your wheels balanced have your wheels aligned or change your driving habits

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how to check your tire tread with a penny insert the penny into the tire tread grooves upside down so the top of old abes head is heading into the groove be sure to insert the penny into various tread grooves across left to right and around the tire, or you can just check the tires first thing in the morning when the ambient temperature is lower unscrew the valve cap and set it to the side or in a pocket where you wont lose it press the


how to check your tires to determine your tires age just look at the dot stamping on the sidewall at the end of the dot stamping there will be a 4digit number this is the date code the first two numbers are the week and the last two are the year for example 4617 would tell you that the tire was manufactured the 46 th week of 2017, to check the air pressure in your tires start by looking in the owners manual or the inside of the drivers door for the standard inflation pressure next unscrew the cap from the valve stem on the tire and press the air pressure gauge evenly onto the valve stem, how to check if tires are good in your car diy with scotty kilmer how to test tires and tire replacement guide how to check to see if its time to buy new tires or keep the old tires