How To Clean A Bathtub Drain With Baking Soda

how to clean a bathtub drain with baking soda 1 vinegar and baking soda the best ways to unclog bathtub drainpipes is with vinegar baking soda and scalding hot water the volcanic eruption that happens in classroom experiments happens in your drain eating away at hair dirt and grease, why you should never use baking soda and vinegar to clean clogged drains what i learned it turns out my high school chemistry teacher was right the fizzy combination the enzyme solution have a difficult fog clog that hot water doesnt solve or a drain clogged by 4 easy way to green

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other tips for using baking soda in your sink both the bakingsodaandvinegar and the bakingsodaandsalt methods can be used to clean and freshen your garbage disposal to remove odors in a disposal reduce the required amounts of baking soda water vinegar and salt by half and follow the directions above, it is time to clean the drain with baking soda and vinegar just drip the baking soda continued by vinegar into the drain the dirt and debris will remove automatically after you read some steps of how to clean bathroom sink drain it is your turn to do the tutorial well

unclogging bathtub drain using baking soda 1 cleaning the strainer or stopper you are cleaning bathtub drain so its usual to have hair 2 boiling water in a tea kettle there is no specification regarding water 3 pouring water into the drain the boil water may work at this point by , pull all of the dirt and hair out of the drain with the brush flush the drain with a pot of boiling water fill a large pot with boiling water and pour it down your drain to flush all of the baking soda down the drain once its done you may need to repeat the steps to fully deodorize your drain