How To Dispose Of An Old Bathtub

how to dispose of an old bathtub what should i do with my old bathtub you order one custom to fit your tub pop it over the old one glue it in place and poof new bathtub sans the disposal problems acrylic is durable and , recycling your old acrylic bathtub donate there are of course many more things that you will be able to do with a bathtub garden something else that you can do with a bathtub that was taken out in one piece is parties if you often have a lot of people over for parties then you will , for a general idea of what to expect heres our quick guide that covers how to dispose of a hot tub tradein if youre thinking of getting a new hot tub unit in replacement of the old one you may want to look into trading in your hot tub at your local dealer

Put The Garbage In Its Right Place Dispose The Trash

private disposal if a new hot tub is installed to replace the old one the installers might haul away the old unit and recycle it or dispose of it for free, a cast iron bathtub is one of them the trick to getting rid of it is to break it up with a sledge but be careful cast iron shrapnel is sharp and dangerous cover the tub with a blanket or drop cloth and be sure to wear long sleeves safety glasses and hearing protection dont expect the tub to break easily on the first swing

best answer its not where you do it its when you do it if done at night or you know when all the tagging goes on in the city at like at 3am4am no ones ever out do it then just put it on the sidewalkgrass with a sign that says free, what is best way to dispose of old sink and bath asked by dal208 17th oct 2011 3 answers best answer most local council tips will accept them basins in hardcore section baths in general if fibreglass if steel obviously in metal section if not most local scrap metal yards will take off your hands even paying you couple of quid for sink, disposal of old hot tubs by michelle hogan save whether you are remodeling your spa space or have just moved into a home with an old hot tub youll need to get rid of it hot tubs are large and heavy so hauling them to the dump or putting them on the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up isnt usually an option they are usually