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how to light artwork diy techniques for lighting artwork the importance of the frame the options for lighting a piece of art depend on how types of light led lights led lights are best for showcasing valuable artwork fixture styles picture lights hang directly over a painting or are attached to the frame , it puts the light source really close to the work of art typically with very lowwattage lamps says russell it provides a sense of intimacy with a piece of art and invites you to stand close for a look because theyre decorative fixtures these lights can add to the look of a room says mishaan, draw snowflakes on canvas and put string lights in the center of them to make perfect christmas lights different image and instructions the love nerds sprinkle some fun here are more canvas light up ideas that are just wonderful and inspirational for room decoration feel free to click and enlarge its view, for a full materials list and stepbystep instructions check out how to build a light box by max zorn since nails are just so much easier to remove so you can swap out your art display whenever you would like print your art using duratrans backlit media or as a direct to plexiglas print from artisanhd to display your artwork brilliantly when backlit by your diy lightbox

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use a small pair of scissors to remove any hanging canvass in the event you have hanging pieces lay the string of lights behind the canvasses and match up lights with holes use duct tape to secure the strand to the canvas secure the light plug toward the bottom of the painting with duct tape, how to backlight a painting or artwork with led lighting led bar lighting this led lighting can be used to accent any work of art in a similar fashion 6 light strip ideas ultimate light

create 3d lighted wall art with these steps provided by the experts at , how to light artwork bright ideas after following our tips on how to hang your artwork next is to learn how to light it properly from conserving the piece to making it look the best lighting has a huge effect on how artwork is displayed, first up is a new piece of art i made and using on my mantel this year but it could be hung anywhere you wanted even replace another picture on your wall just for the christmas season you have probably seen these lighted canvases in the store but even i didnt know how easy it would be to diy my own, 2 use masking tape to create a geoemetric abstract painting paint a crazy colorful random design on a canvas use tape to make a herringbone pattern paint over the whole thing in white when you remove the tape youll get something like this the image shown is an actual art print that you can buy