How To Make Glaze For Furniture

how to make glaze for furniture if you want to add years of age to your furniture or accessories without waiting decades tinted glaze is the answer a glazed piece fits with shabby chic french country farmhouse and rustic , how to make furniture glaze in any color step 1 combine a little clear glaze with a little paint step 2 mix it together just mix the two together until all the glaze is tinted with your color step 3 brush it on brush the glaze on let it sit for a minute or so step 4 bask in the , the translucency of the glaze is determined by how much paint you add more paint than glaze results in less translucency less paint than glaze results in more translucency i always like to test my glaze on a scrap board or posterboard to make sure its the right consistency and translucency

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update i have had a lot of questions about glazing furniture so i have added a glazing faq post to help with those questions 142012 to make it easier to glaze i have put all, how to glaze glazing is the process of applying a colored glazing film to a wooden surface to create a dimensional antique look on furniture or cabinets it is best used on molding carving or distressed furniture

as a painter on canvas i have all the pretty colours and loads of colour mixing books i always keep a bottle of jo sonja clear glaze on hand for when i do furniture i usually do one part water two parts glaze and add the colour plus artists white to the opacity i want, glaze is a paint medium that has a long open time meaning you can mix in your favorite color of paint usually a dark brown for furniture then paint it on and it will take a while to dry allowing you to work with it to get the effect your looking for, you can either apply the glaze with a paint brush and wipe it off with a dry cloth or apply it with one cloth and wipe it off with another i do it the second way but you can experiment and see what you like best