How To Pack A Dining Room Table For Moving

how to pack a dining room table for moving

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wrap the base of the lamp in newsprint and secure with tape place the lamp in a box and place crumpled newsprint around the sides to pack the lamp shade line the sides of a box with newsprint and place the shade in the box place crumpled newsprint under the shade to help it retain its shape, if your glass table top is screwed into the tables legs or base you will need to take it apart first spread a moving blanket out on the floor and turn your table face down so the glass is lying against the blanket and the legs are pointing upwards locate where the legs are screwed into the table top and use a screwdriver to remove them

its easiest to move a dining room table with the legs off so unbolt or unscrew the legs first tape the hardware in a resealable plastic bag under the table wrap the legs in bubble wrap for added protection remove the table leaf and wrap it in a moving blanket using tape to secure the blanket to the leaf, how to wrap a dining room table for moving remove the table leaves and the legs of the table remove the table leaves and the legs of the table any bolts screws and nuts you have should be placed in a plastic bag and taped to the table, this is why knowing how to move a dining room table and chairs properly is so important to ensure nothing gets damaged and ends up needing costly repairs a few tips for moving a dining room set include use the correct moving and packing supplies before your moving day pick up your moving and packing supplies like bubble wrap and packing , wrap dining room chairs in a moving blanket and secure with tape then wrap the legs and the back of the chair in bubble wrap moving a dining room table and chairs once you have the dining room take wrapped and packed it is now time to make sure that it gets moved properly into a moving truck