How To Recover A Dining Room Chair Back

how to recover a dining room chair back martha stewart and peter germain recover the seat and back of a chair using fabric and foam, reupholstering dining room chairs repeat the last two steps on the sides of the seat remember to start from the middle and work your way out staple the board into place to hide the cut edges of the fabric if the staples dont go in all the way use a hammer to tap them firmly into place screw the seat pad back onto the chair frame, how to upholster outside back of a dining room chair part 1 in part 1 kevin discusses how to strip the outside back of a dining room chair part 2 will feature the reupholstering of the

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materials needed to recover dining room table are base of chair to be recovered fabric of choice scissors heavy duty stapler with staples measuring tape and flat head screw driver cut lining place seat frame with cushion side face down on lining

lay the drop cloth down i cut rectangles to the approximate shape of the chair back then cut out 12 of them 2 for each chair you will want to feel where the batting ends and the edge of the cane so you know where to staple, i hope you see how easy it is to recover a dining room chair and will give it a try on your own chairs i was able to recover all three of these in about an hour yippie im sharing this diy project over at mondayfunday on uncommon designs happy celebrating, adding a new cushion and fresh fabric to a dated wood chair is a great way to bring it back to life here matthew haly owner of the furniture joint an upholstery studio in new york city demonstrates how to reupholster a dining chair 1 unscrew the seat base from the chair frame