How To Reglaze A Bathtub Yourself

how to reglaze a bathtub yourself rinse the tub thoroughly with cold water blow the borders of the tub dry with a compressor or shop vacuum wash the bathtub with hydrofluoric acid and let it stand for 1015 minutes rinse the bathtub with cold water and reuse 120 grit sand paper on the surface rinse well and dry the tub, the tub must be thoroughly cleaned and all oils soap scum and silicone must be removed if the product is to have a chance at adhering diy bathtub refinishing kits do have the ability to produce a good final result if the bathtub surfaces are decontaminated and the kit instructions are followed, how to refinish bathtubs if youre hoping to give your bathroom a new look refinishing your bathtub can be a less expensive alternative to replacing it if you dont like the color or its simply looking dingy and old, as the gel coating on the fiberglass bathtub dries it will harden depending on the type of gel color and gloss it will add an entirely new look to your bathroom once the gel hardens wipe it with a clean rag and acetone

To Replace Or Reglaze The Story Of The Garden39s Bathtub

tub and shower liner companies these companies install a second skin over the top of your tub or shower tub and shower refinishing companies refinishing companies seal off your bathroom sand down and patch bad areas etch the surface mask prime the surface and paint with a sprayer, refinishing may be the most practical way of restoring a builtin bathtub but for those lucky enough to have a removable clawfoot tub or castiron sink the dream has long been to give it a new finish that matches the hardness and durability of the old one

mix a twopart epoxy filler until it forms a paste consistency images 1 and 2 next apply epoxy with a putty knife to fill any chips in the tubs surface image 3 scrape excess epoxy with the putty knife to reduce sanding time later image 4, whilst the product quality and application methods differ the basic steps for properly refinishing a bathtub are the same diy bathtub refinishing tools and supplies you really do not need many tools to refinish a bathtub some tools such as an orbital sander can be skipped by manually hand sanding, this video is a followup video of a diy project i did on epoxying my bathtub after a year or so i started to notice peeling on my tub and despite spot treatment the problem persisted, fair using roller and brushes results in a lessthanperfect finish also homeowners may not clean tub well enough for paint coating to stick sufficiently well excellent quality of a wellrefinished tub rivals that of a new tubs surface cleaning never use abrasive cleaners on a refinished tub dishwasher detergent is soft on the surface and does an excellent job of cleaning though make sure not to let the soap scum build up too much or the detergent will not work