How To Rough In A Bathtub

how to rough in a bathtub

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roughing in bathtub no i didnt show it all done i got too busy and now its all tiled over so you dont get to see it ha the biggest challenge here was just making everything line up, size of drain pipe tub and shower combinations will require at least a 1 12inchdiameter drain pipe and ptrap a 2inch drain pipe is better shower only units require a 2inch drain and ptrap the drain requires a horizontal drop or angle of fall of onequarter inch per linear foot

when learning how to roughin plumbing there are a few steps to take before installing new plumbing pipes or fixtures check the specs of the new fixtures preferably before you purchase them make sure they will fit in your kitchen or bathroom, ensure gaskets are installed on the outside of the bathtub use plumbers putty between the bathtub and drain outlet and teflon tape on the drain outlet threads tighten with a po wrench when your ready to set the bathtub into position it will help to have a friend lend a hand sliding it into the framing now you have to level the bathtub