How To Sell Furniture On Craigslist

how to sell furniture on craigslist

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tips for selling furniture on craigslist its finally time for new living room furniture ive started by selling off the coffee and side tables last week on craigslist and soon the couch will be gone too i havent decided on a camel leather one or a gray mcm style one yet but once i do its buhbye couch almost all, keep in mind that when selling furniture you are selling something that you slept on and probably had sex on at least twice people arent buying your furniture because they want a piece of your history or the imprint of your naked buttocks they are buying it because they cant afford to go to ethan allen

additional tips for sellers of household furniture take good pictures of the items youre selling and make sure they show the actual condition and color post multiple photos with your listing including ones showing rips or stains describe the items completely including any flaws, 4 prepare to negotiate most people who are shopping on offerup or craigslist are looking for a bargain so make sure they think they are getting one first figure out your bottom line or the lowest price you are willing to accept for your new or used furniture then set the price a few dollars higher than that bottom line number