How To Snake Bathtub

how to snake bathtub remove the overflow plate to snake the bathtub drain you will first need to remove the overflow plate to the tub behind the overflow plate you can access the tub drain you will want to snake the tub from the overflow not from the bottom drain where the tub water runs out of continue to 3 of 4 below, how to snake a tub drain unscrew the metal plate under the tub faucet called the overflow plate put on rubber work gloves clean off any hair caught in the underside of run the faucet for a few seconds and check whether the drain is still blocked insert the tip of the snake into the hole , step 2 insert the snake a plumbing snake is also called an auger at one end it has a handle that you turn doing so rotates the business end of the snake which works to break up the clog remove the drain cap, this old house plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey shows how to fix a slow draining tub see below for tools how to unplug a bathtub drain using a snake or drum auger

How To Snake Out A Bathtub Drain YouTube

whenever i try to push the snake down the drain it comes out the top drain hole here is the snake that i used here is a picture of the tub twice before in the past 4 years i was able to successfully get the snake down the drain and remove a hair ball and than the water would flow fine for the next year or two but the snake would usually just pop out of the top drain hole, snaking a tub drain clearing a clogged tub drain tub drains are susceptible to clogs from hair remove the overflow plate loosen the screws and remove the overflow plate insert the snake insert the snake into the overflow run the snake to the clog continue to run the snake until you

how to snake a bathtub performs pursuits especially for office personnel who accomplish work activity at work work couch is not just of rewarding the requirements that must be possessed by any business business organization involved because they do as a means howto unclog bathtub drain 5 minutes7185673700 brooklyn nophier plumbing youtube superb how to snake a bathtub 1, this is a video to show you how to clean out your bathtub drain pipe so that it will drain freely a snake is used in the pipe to show you how to clean out any stoppage, how to snake a tub drain do not snake through the drain the whole difference between snaking the bathtub and the shower drain is that in case of a bathtub you should never snake through the drain you are probably wondering why the bathtub is so special and where we should put the snake then, feed the end of the snake into the drain depending on the amount of builtup hair and congealed shampoo and soap clogging your drain it may take a couple of tries to press the business end of the snake down into your drain keep feeding the snake down into the drain pipe until you begin to feel some resistance