In Pictures The History Of Heathrow Airport London

in pictures the history of heathrow airport london

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submit a history of heathrow airport recommended towns villages near heathrow airport eton 26 pictures 67 miles 108 km direction w situated just over the river thames from windsor eton is best known for its world famous ancient public school which was attended by both prince harry and william and many, stunning images of heathrow airport from the 1940s to modern day have been released in a new book which honours seven decades of life at europes busiest airport, in pictures 70 years of heathrow the history of heathrow as an airfield can be traced back to 1929 and the fairey aviation companys great west aerodrome on a grass site experimental and test flying was carried out during the 1930s while croydon was londons main airport at the time during the battle of britain, london heathrow is the uks largest airport and the worlds busiest international airport carrying over 72 million passengers and 14 million tons of cargo each year however the airport started life in 1946 as a small grass airfield london needed a large airport with modern equipment and the partlybuilt site at heathrow was ideal