Innovative Under Stairs Ideas And Storage Solutions

innovative under stairs ideas and storage solutions

40 Under Stairs Storage Space And Shelf Ideas To Maximize

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storage under open wooden stairs the fact that the stairs are left opened you can use nonuniform deformations of the wood and other elements to achieve you desired storage units that type of storage adds an enormous amount of texture in the room with steps and shelves as well as the items stored underneath, 60 unbelievable under stairs storage space solutions under the staircase is a closet which houses the cat pan and food bowl hidden from guests and the curious dog a special entrance was created for the cats to access their area built in drawers for storage under the stairs includes a cat litter box enclosure photo sources 1, under stair storage in living room if your house has multiple storey and you have a staircase that leads from a living room to another floor you may want to have a good design for the space beneath the stair, installing cubbies hooks and shelves is the easiest way to upgrade this area into a storage unit which is perfect for housing kids jackets school supplies and sports equipment for the homeowner that loves to entertain impress your guests with a bar nestled just beneath the stairs