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interior design photo on 1stdibs angie hranowsky interior design angie is an interior designer in charleston sc specializing in relaxed modern interiors, the photography website for brittany ambridge a lifestyle food and interiors photographer based in new york city, if you gave every designer you knew the chance to decorate the same house it would turn out differently every time one of the many beauties of interior design is the infinite possibilities that arise when you give a creative person good bones and while theres much to be said for difference , design florence knoll turned interior design into a profession the design industry looks back on florence knoll bassetts accomplishments after passing at the age of 101and reflects on her legacy

The Paris Apartment Of Gallery Owners Samia Saouma And Max

a master bedroom doesnt have to be the size of an amphitheater to embody excellent design these 50 small space bedrooms prove that its not accumulated square footage that counts toward supreme style its great textures wise furniture selection and not an insignificant amount of ingenuity here , hollywood regency design however is not a relic of the past the overthetop style is not just for the rich and famous a modern version is surging in popularity fueled by designers like kelly wearstler

with summer approaching its time for travel everyone would travel more if it didnt break the bank right the truth is most people skip the family vacation because they think its too expensive or they are too busy to go, no architectural element adds drama quite like a doubleheight ceiling as these 19 lightfilled rooms from the archives of architectural digest prove high ceilings open up an array of design , calvin tsao zack mckown named fellows of the urban design forum, this power design duos home is the ultimate expression of calicool with their new line of customizable furniture consort cofounders mat sanders and brandon quattrone believe design should be fun for all