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iron man house address tony starks house from iron man is up for sale author blaze press publish date may 6 2014 thats right if you fancy living like tony stark then now is your chance this house has 11000 square feet 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and private access to the beach it is located in la jolla near san diego not in malibu like depicted in the movies, tony starks mansion as depicted in iron man 2008 movie in real life the house does not exist i was unable to locate an image with the exact same vantage point as filmed in the movie but i believe the image below is the location of starks fictitious playboy mansion, the razor residence in la jolla california may be the real iron man house photos we can see why some say that this is iron man tony starks place although it isnt featured in the blockbuster films and does not fit starks address of 10880 malibu point many have drawn parallels between this home and the fictional stark estate, the magic of movie making is alive and well and clearly on display in the blockbuster iron man sequel while tony starks alterego iron man suit is a stunning work of effects what is even cooler is iron mans house

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iron man uses his repulsors to detonate his rockets as the house began to slide off the cliff stark used his repulsors to throw his piano at one of the helicopters destroying it with his mark xlii suit malfunctioning stark threw one of his forearm rockets at the second helicopter and used his repulsor to detonate it, for this matter rhodes paid stark a visit to his house in malibu worried about his intervention as iron man in military situations around the world rhodes warned stark about a report he had been ordered to write about him assessing the situation of the iron man armor and offering his recommendations about it

iron mansion tony starks house listed for 1172 million see how we figured out that iron mans house also known as tony sharks house has more dollar value than wayne manor, iron man 3 edit tonys mansion has been improved since the last movie the interior furniture has been changed and so is his hall of suits in his garage which in the previous iron man film there was only 4 suits in the hall and now there are 7 of them the house was also destroyed by the mandarins forces after tony issues a threat against them, tony starks house for the iron man films is for sale the 11000 square foot mansion boasts 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and a private beach the 11000 square foot mansion boasts 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and a private beach, if you do a quick search of the internet youll come across a rumor that surfaced a while back about a socalled iron man house that went on the market back in 2010 for 25 million