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iron man house address is the stark malibu mansion real how and where did they shoot the films update cancel is the interface that tony stark uses in iron man 2 possible in real life ask new question garrick saito the iron man house for sale bit rebels stark modernism tony starks malibu home from iron man, tony starks house from iron man is up for sale author blaze press publish date may 6 2014 thats right if you fancy living like tony stark then now is your chance this house has 11000 square feet 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and private access to the beach it is located in la jolla near san diego not in malibu like depicted in the movies, iron mansion tony starks house listed for 1172 million see how we figured out that iron mans house also known as tony sharks house has more dollar value than wayne manor, 10880 malibu point florida if you go on google earth you will find a landscape and coast line with the same characteristics as tony starks house also there is a dirt road that replicates the road the he rides on in the last scene of iron man

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iron man 3 mandarin attack on malibu mansion full hd 1080p, the magic of movie making is alive and well and clearly on display in the blockbuster iron man sequel while tony starks alterego iron man suit is a stunning work of effects what is even cooler is iron mans house

tony starks house for the iron man films is for sale the 11000 square foot mansion boasts 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and a private beach the 11000 square foot mansion boasts 4 bedrooms 6 bathrooms and a private beach, truth vs rumors the iron man house for sale diana adams 18 8 years ago tweet share pin anyway this iron man house lookalike is really awesome sad to say that its not for sale your email address will not be published required fields are marked comment name email website facebook 4, an intruder managed to break into tony starks mansion in malibu introducing the codes for every door in the house however as he tried to entered the basement of the mansion where all the iron man armors are displayed he was denied access entering a wrong code, iron man 2008 movie house screen shot screen shot of the iron man 2013 movie house complete with helicopter pad and cliff side pool the razor residence photos by the pinnacle list is an architectural wonder by wallace e cunningham a top ad designer