Kitchen Backsplash Height

kitchen backsplash height kitchen backsplash height december 21 2011 your name the height of the backsplash the space between the countertop and the bottom of the wall cabinets is often left as an afterthought by many kitchen designers and homeowners, the standard backsplash in the kitchen the area on the wall above the countertops but beneath the cabinets generally runs between 15 and 18 inches tall for people of average heights but more often than not the backsplash is an afterthought and often is much shorter because of this, fyi a standard backsplash measures 4inches from the countertop surface in the days of the popular 45 kitchen tile circa 19801990 the backsplash was typically onetile high topped with a rounded trim piece now its usually made from a 4inch high strip, ceilingheight backsplashes can give classic tile a fresh and modern look by highlighting a single area of the kitchen creating a focal point or help a large patterned tile sing loud and proud higher backsplashes will unite all aspects of the space and brighten up the space with the reflective qualities of the tile itself

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space for your kitchen backsplash a 24 inch kitchen backsplash may be overwhelming in an intimate space but if your kitchen is large and open with tall ceilings then the bigger space expands the possibilities and adds to the dramatic appeal of the backsplash design, my current kitchen is gutted so i cant measure the area between the counter and the upper cabinet about what height is this im planning the kitchen and thinking of tiling that section trying to figure out what this will cost me what is the height of a standard backsplash behind a kitchen counter

as we mentioned in our kitchen trends here to stay blog post a tile backsplash can be one of the most important design elements in your kitchen it can be the key that ties in all of your other elements while creating interest a full height backsplash will also immediately update your kitchen, stunning kitchen features white shaker cabinets paired with white marble countertops and a full height mosaic marble backsplash set in a herringbone pattern alongside stacked wood floating shelves beside a stainless steel counter depth refrigerator atop oak wood floors, there a few cons mostly these come down to the fact that 4inch backsplash leaves your wall open to grease splashes and other flying foods a good way to solve this problem is to have full height backsplash installed behind the range and standard height in the rest of the kitchen pros and cons of full height granite backsplash, every kitchen is different but often the trickiest spot to figure out where you want your backsplash tile to end is around your kitchen window one option is to tile around the window and all the way up to the ceiling like this gorgeous kitchen designed by studio mcgee that you can see more of here