Kitchen Island Small

kitchen island small no matter how small your space is get inspiration from our small kitchen island ideas and tips to add more function to your kitchen even the smallest kitchen island has the potential to offer many uses when considering small kitchen island ideas select an island that has the five following abilities 1 creates extra counter space 2, the national kitchen and bath association recommends leaving at least 36 inches on all sides of an island to accommodate traffic keep in mind youll need to plan for more space if you want your island to include seating on average small kitchen islands are standard counter height 36 inches tall and are about 48 inches wide

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a small kitchen design doesnt have to result in a recipe for disorganization and too little counter space in fact the addition of a kitchen island can provide extra storage room and a place for food preparation making the space more manageable

make meal prep faster and more effective in a small kitchen with an innovative kitchen island whether its a mobile cart or repurposed table a smallspace island can amplify surface area and kick up your kitchens style, kitchen island small with seating is the best solution to add additional workspace and storage you can even function half of it for your dining table too