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magic eraser bathtub cleaner 30 larger than the original magic eraser the magic eraser bath is perfect for removing builtup grime and soap scum on your sink counter bathtub shower doors and even grout plus its made of durafoam and has foaming cleansers to erase 4x more grime per swipe than the leading allpurpose bleach spray so you can put dirt where it belongs in the trash, the mr clean magic eraser bath scrubber with febreze freshness erases 3x more soap scum vs the leading allpurpose spray cleaner the microscrubbers and foaming cleanser lift and remove soap scum in even the toughest areas of your bathroom hard water in bathtubs soap scum on shower glass grime on tile and grout hairspray and toothpaste , magic eraser foaming bath scrubber with febreze meadows and rain with the muscle of the magic eraser bath scrubber on your side cleaning your bathroom is as stressfree as a day at the spa its 30 larger than the magic eraser original with a more durable scrubbing surface so it removes 3x more soap scum per swipe than the leading all

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how to clean fiberglass tubshower enclosure answer 31 i also use the mr clean magic eraser sponges on my tubs and tileand for lots of other things as well i had great luck cleaning the bottom of a tub in a rental property by using a magic eraser the tub was horrible and required a lot of elbow grease but it came clean helpful, these bathtub cleaning tips can make even the gunkiest tubs sparkle again weve found tips for rust clogged drains calcium deposits and more or just a magic eraser might do the trick if your tub isnt too dirty and if you dont mind a few minutes of elbow grease its what we use on ours 90 of the time and it leaves the tub

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have you noticed a spring cleaning theme yup i havent left the bathroom yet im back spring cleaning the bathroom today with a mighty tool to get the job done these 13 magic eraser bathroom cleaning hacks will have you reexamining your bathroom cleaning habits too come tackle some of the , the mr clean magic eraser bath scrubber 2pack can freshen your bathroom surfaces with its meadow and rain fragrance while you scrub these sponges contain a cleaning solution to help remove soap scum the shape of the sponges can allow for simple handling and use in corners, rated 5 out of 5 by lynn39 from held up great i like the magic eraser sheets for cleaning the bathroom it works well and did not crumble or fall apart in my hands it worked great on the sink and fixtures i also used it to wipe down my refrigerator this review was collected as part of a promotion