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meaning yacht any of various relatively small streamlined sailing or motordriven vessels used for pleasure cruises or racing intrv yachted yachting yachts to sail cruise or race in a yacht, history for yacht in the 1500s the dutch developed a kind of fastmoving sailing ship for use in coastal waters and river mouths these vessels were called by the name jaght short for jachtschip or jageschip in dutch and german dialectsliterally hunting ship or pursuit ship the word was soon borrowed into english as yoath or yaught, see more synonyms for yacht on noun a vessel used for private cruising racing or other noncommercial purposes, yacht in english b2 a boat with sails and sometimes an engine used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure they spent their annual holiday on a chartered yacht in the caribbean he spent three days adrift on his yacht his eyes were fixed on the distant yacht if they can afford a yacht they must be rolling in it

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yacht we provide a comprehensive range of sizes to suit every yacht specification for leisure use or for the longest of passages sometimes you may spot an occasional dorsal fin when it pops out like a miniature yacht sail the backup new yachts suffer from teething problems and older yachts need lots of tender loving care, a yacht jɒt is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports the term originates from the dutch word jacht hunt and was originally defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the low countries

definition of yacht the colon indicates a break between two main clauses which is stronger than a comma but weaker than a full stop a colon is used in front of a list i used three colours green blue and pink , the definition of a yacht is a medium or large luxury sailboat or ship that is used to cruise around or race a mediumsized boat that is used to sail from port to port in the mediterranean is an example of a yacht, definition of yacht in the dictionary meaning of yacht what does yacht mean proper usage and pronunciation in phonetic transcription of the word yacht information about yacht in the dictionary synonyms and antonyms, she was a beautiful old steam yacht belonging originally to the guinness family you can of course charter sail or power yachts in the bahamas but the real kick is arriving in your own small vessel sailing is particularly popular around the reef and the whitsunday islands and there are many liveaboard boats