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napa farmhouse 1885 the best napa valley wineries to visit feature a tasting room in a cave artisanal cheese pairings onsite sommeliers and more take a trip to wine country for its cooking classes maybe join a , the 10 best napa valley wineries combine beautiful design excellent customer service and great wine follow our list for an amazing visit to napa, inside napa valley firsttime visitors before you visit napa valley visit tripadvisor for the latest info and advice written for travelers by travelers, about me i love to cook i love to eat and if friends and family are around to enjoy these pleasures with me it is a very happy day indeed but while ive been eating all my life it wasnt until a couple of years ago that i began to pay attention to where my food came from

Napa Farmhouse 1885 Watermelon Salsa

wayyyyyy back in my vegetarian days i was a major potato fanatic im not talking a potato or two a week im talking one sometimes two a day it was a carbtastic time of my life when a good spud could get me as excited as a pint of ben jerrys well almost as excited being the potato , additionally i was so excited when emily giffin came out with a new novel just in time for my vacay the one and only needless to say this novel is the perfect light read like her other books something borrowed something blue and love the one your with

maybe youre a big football fan or maybe youre more like me someone who sees game day as an excuse to enjoy your favorite party food there are certainly lots of small plates and party appetizers here on the blog but today im sticking with 11 casual easy healthy mostly and satisfying game day recipes, since i was already in a roasting mood this week spicedpork roast i decided to cook up this roasted cauliflower with bacon and parmesanthe added benefit was the aroma of bacon cooking two times and i do love to smell bacon cooking, not your average bruschetta recipe for a special twist i added shrimp avocado and good quality basil pesto there are several variations of bruschetta it can be as simple as tuscanys version called fettuntafresh bread grilled, this is a homemade tuna noodle casserole just like mom used to make but without the canned soup this is a version both kids and adults will love