Refinish My Bathtub

refinish my bathtub

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replacing a fiberglass bathtub can be consume much time labor and money some homeowners elect to keep their current tub and shower while upgrading the rest of the bathroom a solution to giving your fiberglass bathtub a new look is to refinish it refinishing a fiberglass bathtub is a relatively , these days the costs to refurbish or remodel a bathroom are dizzying old bathtubs become hard to clean and show stains soon after cleaning due to the worn out porcelain surface in lieu of removing a tub damaging the tile and replacing it with a cheap new steel tub many homeowners are choosing diy bathtub refinishing to refinish their bathtub themselves, get in touch with a pro now to refinish your tub when refinishing isnt a good idea its important to note that to refinish a bathtub isnt always the best idea if the tub itself is damaged refinishing may only be a temporary solution that needs to be repeated on a regular basis