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repurpose formal dining room why 7 families ditched the dining room formal dining rooms are starting to go the way of the formal living roomout of service while many homes have dining rooms the square footage devoted to , repurposing a formal dining room by emery clark can we talk about the formal dining room for a moment it seems that almost every house in america has one our house that we recently moved into has one and although i love the idea of having a space to gather for larger more formal meals the reality is that the formal dining area becomes a , see the fun ways other people repurpose theirs by kavita daswani mar 12 jayne and mike flinn did away with a formal dining room when they moved into their 5000squarefoot newport beach , repurpose your dining room for how you want to live erika ward june 1 2011 email save comment 49 like 39 print embed click embed to display an article on your own website or blog growing up in the land of southern hospitality i thought i would never in my life propose the idea of repurposing the dining room having an eatin kitchen i

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7 ways to rethink your underused rooms consider is the change of a formal dining room into an office to carve out and repurpose the space you have in a way that aligns with the , the most common repurposing of a dining room is as an office a library or a secondary living space if youve thought to yourself how nice it would be to have one of these spaces and you dont really use your formal dining room anyway here are some steps you can take to ensure the newly repurposed room becomes a showcase and doesnt look

the repurposed dining room posted in design 11212016 dining room office chair rug desk sofa some of the formality of past generations has lost its meaning in todays households many of us have a formal dining room that we never or nearly never use perhaps you have plenty of room in your eat in kitchen or great room that includes , do you have a dining room that looks pretty but about the only time you go there is to dust maybe you have a few family dinners per year but it is space that could be useful for other things let me show you how she did a repurpose on her dining room this is, jeffrey and julie ulrich figured they used their boxy formal dining room twice a year the living room too trade the formal dining room for more space consider these ways to repurpose , repurposing a dining room table gives it a new life you can find a home for it in the living room the kitchen the garage outdoors or even back in the dining room for a different purpose all