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room rearranging how to rearrange your bedroom rearranging part 3 rearranging your space take the same things on your desk or dresser like lamps pens and picture frames and move them to another room in the house momentarily to avoid them falling or adding more weight gather them all in a large bin and take them out of your room, every once in a while you may get the itch to change things up in your bedroom whether youve lived in your place for a few years or just moved in having the right arrangement to fit your lifestyle can make all the difference between a room that works for or against you

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research is full of evidence that using electronic devices before bed can disrupt your sleep remove phone and laptop chargers from your bedroom so you wont be tempted to keep and check them during the night and either get rid of your tv or come up with a creative way to cover it like a removable mirror panel, how to arrange your bedroom furniture for every room size the bed opt for a smaller full bed with builtin storage in lieu of a dresser the extras if you lack a big closet opt for a clothing rack place a small bench or stool next to it for any spillover or as a spot for your bag so that nothing ends up on the floor

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how to rearrange your small square teen bedroom arranging other furniture its often easiest to decide where you would like your bed to be first storage over the years most people wind up with a lot of stuff decor though more flexible to place than furniture the decor of a room is , how to keep your room clean habits for a clean room duration epic small bedroom makeover on a budget rearranging my room duration 1045