Seti May Have Found The

seti may have found the

Alien Megastructure Discovered Around A Far Off Star

aliens may have sent a strong message from deep in space scientists claim claudio maccone of turin university in italy attended a talk by the two scientists who work at russias ratan600 telescope he passed that data on to mr gilster who then wrote up his blog describing what had been found, start studying astronomy chapter 19 life in the universe learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools the analysis of martian meteorites found on the earth show that they contain why do some scientists think that jupiters existence may have been critical for life to evolve on earth

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setihome was the brainchild of a uc berkeley grad student named david gedye who came up with the concept of using personal computers for scientific purposes in 1995, they havent found anything terribly interesting anything clearly of intelligent origin that said the sky is mindbogglingly big and wed have to be listening at the same time et is sending once they have found something im sure the word will go out in a big way well listening at the right time not at the same time ok, seti survey of kic 8462852 rules out existence of radio signals that could indicate alien presence astronomers may have found giant alien megastructures orbiting star get in touch, the seti institute is a nonprofit corporation that serves as an institutional home for research and educational projects relating to the study of life in the universe the institute conducts research in a number of fields including astronomy and planetary sciences chemical evolution the origin of life