Size Of Bathtub

size of bathtub length 60 inches width 32 inches height 18 inches long bathtubs this popular segment of the alcove tub market adds an extra foot to the length and several inches to the width this supersizing of the tub will accommodate larger sized bathers or two people, the standard size of a bathtub is 60 inches long 32 inches wide and 18 inches tall standardsized tubs are designed to fit into an alcove surrounded by three walls alcove tubs are available in a wide variety of materials continue reading

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bathtub sizes the most important number is a length of a wall to wall bathtub while framing a bathroom the opening for a standard 5 long tub has to be specified as exact measurements of distance in between wall studs not including or adding the thickness of a tile backer boards or water resistant drywall, step 5 make minor adjustments if your bathtub is close to one of these standard measurements 32by60 30by60 27by54 60by60 42by72 42by60 32by60 not every bathtub will fall into these dimensions but if you measured 325by6025 it is very likely that your tub is really 32by60

common dimensions for this bathtub are 60 inches long 5ft 30 inches wide 25ft with 16 13ft inches of water depth smaller sizes typically run 45 inches long 375 ft 30 inches wide 25ft with 14 inches of water depth 116 ft, grab a tape measure before you shop a variety of bath sizes lengths widths and heights are available although the most common bath installation and size is an alcove bath that is 60 x 32