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hells kitchen features gordon ramsay as head chef alongside two sous chefs to support the contestants in the competition each week there are a number of challenges to test the culinary skills of the contestants who are all competing for a prize of their own restaurant or the option of working alongside top chefs including gordon, how to eat at hells kitchen if you love watching gordon ramsays intense cooking show hells kitchen you might enjoy becoming a part of the program though theres no actual hells kitchen restaurant to go to there are a few different

hells kitchen is a television show after all television shows are shot on soundstages and hells kitchen is no different according to a tv guide writer who attended one particular finale taping the whole place genuinely looks like the set of a tv show when you see it in person, hells kitchen is a reality television show that uses a progressive elimination format to narrow down a field of 12 to 20 aspiring chefs to a single winner over the course of one season the us version of hells kitchen follows the format of the uk version though the show is recorded and not performed live nor is there audience participation in the elimination of chefs, hellskitchenitvcom with your suggestions and you could see them in store in hells kitchen two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant all under the guidance