The Bathtub Gin

the bathtub gin speakeasy style bar in the heart of belltown with custom cocktails you can find us between 1st and 2nd off blanchard st in gin alley no reservations we love gin and we love you, a classic gin joint new york about the story of bathtub gin gin was the predominant drink in the united states during the prohibitionera 1920s and many variations were created, bathtub gin refers to any style of homemade spirit made in amateur conditions the term first appeared in 1920 in the prohibitionera united states in reference to the poorquality alcohol that was being made as gin was the predominant drink in the 1920s many variations were created by mixing cheap grain alcohol with water and flavorings and other agents such as juniper berry juice and , bathtub gin navystrength 70cl 570 with a higher abv than the original this edition also packs a weighty botanical punch because every botanical is cracked open before being added to the spirit

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ableforths has been at it again this time recreating a traditional style of gin that was very popular in 18th and 19th century england old tom is a slightly sweetened gin created following a request from the handmade cocktail company which needed a tasty old tom gin for use in their martinez cocktail old tom got its name from an unusual dispensing method used by london gin houses, a multi awardwinning gin which revives the traditional method of cold compounding or infusing of the botanicals to create an exceptionally crisp and freshtasting gin

893 reviews of bathtub gin co dont be deterred by how sketchy it seems to get here its a really good bar if you are like us you will get a bit lost getting here and a homeless man will usher you into a nearby alleyway saying i think, 898 reviews of bathtub gin waited outside for approx 30min with only 4people in front of us went in there was a mandatory coat check idk about anyone else but this girl is perpetually coldprone to hypothermia actually so it was a bit, gin was the predominant drink in the usa during the prohibitionera 1920s and many variations were created bathtub gin was developed in response to the poorquality of alcohol that was available at the time because the 18th amendment specifically prohibited the sale or manufacture of distilled alcohol producers of gin were forced to use denatured alcohol, a classic gin joint new york i watched the bartenders work feverishly to architect cocktails with over 10 ingredients and dozens of steps from whipping egg whites to pressing and macerating fresh ingredients like ginger and mintproving that crafting a delicious cocktail is in fact an art form