The Best Splatoon 2 Miiverse

the best splatoon 2 miiverse the best splatoon 2 miiverse memes by kallie plagge inkydojikko on august 3 2017 at 1205pm pdt splatoon 2 the sequel to the colorful wii u shooter is now available on nintendo switch , check out some of our favorite splatoon 2 creations most of these were found by dorkly staffer tristan cooper so check him out on twitter for when he finds more rediculous splatverse creations 1 splatoon 2s fake miiverse is already taking off 2 japans version of the miiverse is kind of incredible 3 seriously japan just doesnt stop 4, splatoon 2 splatfest memes lead to the best miiversestyle art weve seen in a while while team ice cream was the official winner of splatoon 2 s splatfest the even bigger winner were fans of the game who got to play online try out new weapon abilities and most importantly view all the great artwork switch players came up with, however it seems the spirit of miiverse is alive and well in splatoon 2s inkopolis plaza a recent update to the splatfest demo has added the ability to walk around the plaza and even to leave

Splatoon Miiverse Post Tumblr

players could post to miiverses splatoon community from the mailbox in inkopolis plaza either with text or a drawing both of which were created on the gamepad drawings could appear as graffiti or on billboards in the plaza and in various stages and both drawings and text posts appeared over other inklings in the plaza when approached, i care about privacy too i dont have a twitter or facebook as im not the social that puts everything out for the world to see i still miiverse be more update with its everything and i dont want to get banned for 2 weeks because someone reports bunch of my monthweekold posts or for posting my fc because lol rules but hey thats my preference


splatoon 2 is about to hit stores but its arrived on the eshop in japan and some have received their preorders early all around the globe while trying to figure out the nintendo switch online , todays nintendo direct presentation was all about splatoon 2buried inside a dense assortment of new weapons features and a bevy of social options was just an inkling of the long lost miiverse, heres a look at some of the best and worst miiverse contributions that have been documented in splatoons first week in the wild having the option to play as either a kid or a squid has left , if you like splatoon and splatoon 2 content funny moments squid party best of and compilations then youre on the right channel subscribe for more content my switch friend code sw1742