Types Of Bathtub Spouts

types of bathtub spouts this includes the diverter type tub spouts and the nondiverter spouts these 2 types of tub spouts are easy to install and provide your bath with a way to control the water flow the chief difference between the diverter and nondiverter types of tub spouts is how they are used, tub spouts with brass adapters threaded or slipon some tub spouts may look like a threaded spout but in fact thread onto a brass adapter there are two types of brass adapters either a 12 ips the 12 ips threaded adapter can be threaded onto galvanized brass the 12 nominal , threaded at nose spout pictured below is a tub spout that is threaded at the nose choose this spout type when mounting to a 12 or 34 threaded nipple extending into the spout nose tub spout is installed by threading onto the nipple

Learn How To Remove And Install Various Tub Spouts

this diverter is the part of the tub spout the diverter handle simply pulls straight up sending all water from the tub spout to the shower head to reduce stress and wear on each type of valve release the diverter and let water flow back into the tub once showering is complete before shutting off the water, 3 types of shower diverter valves explained while there may seem to be a wide variety of shower diverter valves there are only 3 main types of these useful devices it can form the center of the faucet or it can be a vertical pull arm on the tub spout itself depending on the style of tub faucet you purchase you may get any of these 3

shop our selection of tub spouts in the plumbing department at the home depot, bathtub spouts can go bad in three ways first the tub spout diverter can wear out so it no longer blocks the water flow and sends water to the shower head second the threads inside the spout can crack or corrode where the spout screws onto the pipe water can then trickle along the pipe and drip inside the wall, among bathroom fixtures the basic types of spouts are standard tub filler waterfall and roman the most common of all faucet spouts is the standard spout this spout common in apartments and in budget remodels rises only a little from the faucet base and does not have any pullout spray mechanism incorporated into the spout