Unclog A Sink Tub Or Shower

unclog a sink tub or shower unclog a sink tub or shower tips for opening a clogged drain sometimes a clog you cant clear with one method may open methods for clearing a clog removing hair collected around a popup stopper or strainer clears one cleaning strainers and stoppers remove the strainer or sink popup , how to unclog a drain learn how to unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink how to unclog a shower or bathtub drain and how to clean drains with the best drain cleaner, first thing is first make sure you have your bathtub drained before you start use cups or buckets to remove the standing water from your tub and then proceed to the steps to relieving your bathtub clog after you have everything prepared take the following steps to resolve your clog pour 1 cup of water down your drain

How To Unclog Drains Without Chemicals DIY MOTHER EARTH NEWS

how to unclog a slow running bathroom sink drain gather your materials instead of relying on drain cleaner products measure out your ingredients take ¼ cup of baking soda 1 cup of white vinegar pour the baking soda into the drain make sure that most of the baking soda falls directly

clogged tub slow draining bathtub or shower showing four techniques on how to unplug your tub using a hand auger plunger chemical and manual removal methods trusted products , required tools for this how to remove bathtub drain project have the necessary tools for this how to unclog a tub diy project lined up before you startyoull save time and frustration 4in1 screwdriver needlenose pliers utility knife required materials for this how to remove bathtub drain project, clogged drains are virtually inevitable in households bathroom drains generally collect hair and soap scum while kitchen sink drains often accumulate food particles and grease besides foul odors clogged drains cause water to back up preventing homeowners from everyday tasks involving the affected sink shower or bathtub